Lukas Bell-Dereske


In front of winter Ammophila.








CV Bell-Dereske

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Evans lab at the Kellogg Biological Station at Michigan State University and a graduate of the Rudgers lab at the University of New Mexico. I am fascinated by the factors that drive plant and microbial community

Caught by the garden hose coil.

composition within the context of climate change.  To explore these broad topics I use field and greenhouse experiments, laboratory techniques, and next-generation sequencing. My past work has primarily focused on the effects of an above-ground fungal mutualist (Epichloë amarillans) on the response of its host plant American beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata) to climate change and how this mutualist alters plant species interactions, nutrient cycling, and soil microbial communities in the Great Lakes dunes. I am currently exploring the microbial community of leaves of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) and how rain drives leaf community assembly.